DIVORCE DOCUMENT ASSISTANCE - Affordable Quality Document Preparation Services
Divorce requires that marital assets and debts be divided and allocated. If there are children, decisions must be made about their support and care. Often there are concerns regarding what to do about the family home and other real estate, the cars, the savings, the retirement and pension plans, and the debts. 

We provide private mediation services to assist you in reaching an agreement to resolve these issues. Included in the fee is the preparation of the divorce paperwork by our experienced Legal Document Assistants. 
We provide private mediation services to assist in discussing, negotiating and exploring options surrounding the issues associated with your divorce, or modification of an existing order. We assist in clarifying the issues and finding common ground. The goal is to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of the disputed issues. 

Once the parties have reached a mutually satisfactory agreement, we type it up for signature, and it is incorporated into a Stipulated Judgment for processing through the court.

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