DIVORCE DOCUMENT ASSISTANCE - Affordable Quality Document Preparation Services
In the State of California, over 4.3 million of California's court users are self-represented.  Pro se litigants submit two-thirds of family court filings.

It is a fact that the number of pro se litigants has risen dramatically in recent years. The primary reason, fairly obvious and well understood by the legal community, is the scarcity of affordable legal services. 

Having extensive knowledge in correctly preparing legal paperwork, and knowing the ends and outs of the court system, I made a choice to give up my career working for attorneys, and instead dedicate myself to assisting those who cannot afford an attorney and have made the choice to represent themselves.  I became a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant, and opened Divorce Document Assistance with the goal of helping members of the public have easy access to the courts and other legal processes.

Patricia ("Patty") Ritchie has worked in the legal field in both Napa and Solano County since 1984, and has been a certificated paralegal since 1992.  She worked as a paralegal under the tutelage of  Certified Family Law Specialists for the last 30+ years of her career prior to her becoming a Legal Document Assistant, and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the preparation of legal documents. She is registered and bonded in the County of Solano, LDA Reg. #130044 (exp. 08/05/2019).

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